Snap Freeze: Still Life Now


Visitors to Snap Freeze: Still Life Now looking at work by Jacky Redgate

20 May 2007 - 11 November 2007

It is widely claimed among Western historians and art critics that still life, as a genre, exists in the lower levels of the artistic ‘hierarchy’. Through excluding the human presence and focusing on the details of the everyday and the informal, still life creates a rich and important resource for looking into life and culture. Reaching its peak in popularity in the 17th century Netherlands, as a genre it has remained and been re-invented by the artists of the day. Drawing on examples of 3 dimensional, photographic and painting works this exhibition looks at the practice of 21st century Australian artists and how their work embraces and reacts to what is traditionally considered still life. Some of the artists included work exclusively in the genre of still life, others have delved into the genre for the benefit of their practice, some may not even consider their work to exist in the still life context. This exhibition brought together a diverse range of contemporary artworks and asked the viewer to reconsider what still life meant at the present time. Curated by Jenna Blyth

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